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Shimano SM-RT66 6-bolt Brake Rotor

The SM-RT66 Brake Rotor by Shimano – One-piece 6-bolt model

The SM-RT66 is an affordable Shimano 6-bolt brake rotor available in diameters from 160 to 220 mm. It is made of stainless steel, has a one-piece design and is compatible with organic as well as sintered pads. The brake rotor is recommended for ZEE, Deore and Alfine, but can also be used with other brakes. The mounting material is included in the scope of delivery.

Technical Information:

Mount: 6-bolt
Diameter: 160 mm, 180 mm, 203 mm, 220 mm
Design: 1-piece
Rotor Material: stainless steel

Approved For:

Brake Compatibility: BR-M9100*, BR-M9120, BR-M9110-R**, BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M8100, BR-M8120, BR-M8110-R*, BR-M8000, BR-M8020, BR-M7100, BR-M7120, BR-M7110-R*, BR-M7000, BR-M6100, BR-M6120, BR-M6000, BR-MT520, BR-MT420, BR-M820, BR-M640, BR-S7000, BR-S700, BR-R9270**, BR-R9170*, BR-R8170*, BR-R8070*, BR-R7070*, BR-4700*, BR-RS805*, BR-R785*, BR-RS785*, BR-RS505*, BR-RS405*, BR-RX810*, BR-RX400*, BR-CX77**, BR-R517**, BR-R317*, BR-RS305**, BR-U5000**
Brake Pad Compatibility: sintered***, organic

* not compatible with 203 and 220 mm (BR-R9170-R also not compatible with 180 mm)
** only 160 mm
*** with BR-S700 and BR-S7000 only organic


– performance indicator: select (level 1 out of 3)
– for brake pads with narrow pad shape
– polished
– with self-locking plates

Manufacturer Numbers:

160 mm: E-SMRT66S
180 mm: E-SMRT66M
203 mm: E-SMRT66L


– 1 x Shimano SM-RT66 brake rotor
– 6 x Shimano fastening bolts
– 3 x Shimano safety plates

Additional information


160mm, 180mm, 203mm

Shimano SM-RT66 6-bolt Brake Rotor Online now

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