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Shimano Ultegra BR-R8100 Rim Brake Set

The Ultegra BR-R8100 Rim Brake by Shimano – For fans of mechanical braking

With the BR-R8100 rim brake, Shimano continues to offer a mechanical braking option for the Ultegra R8100 road bike groupset. The model features the proven symmetrical double-joint design and impresses with efficient, high-precision braking performance. You can use tyres up to 28 mm wide. Both the brake arms and the cartridge brake shoe mounts, which are of course angle-adjustable, are made of lightweight aluminium. Brake pads for aluminium brake flanks are included.


Series: Ultegra R8100
Application: Road
Type: dual pivot side-pull brakes
Attachment: brake bosses

Technical Information:

Material: aluminium
Surface Finish: anodised
Pads: R55C4
Brake Arm Length: 51 mm
Actuation: brake cable

Approved For:

Tyre Size (max.): 28 mm
Rim Width (max.): 20.8 – 28.0 mm


– balanced stiffness, weight and braking power
– short brake arms made of aluminium
– cartridge brake shoe mount made of aluminium (lacquered), angle adjustable
tyre protectors
– quick release


Shift/Brake Lever: ST-R8150, ST-R8000, ST-R8050, ST-R8060, ST-6870, ST-6871, ST-6800, ST-6770, ST-6700, ST-R9250, ST-R9100, ST-R9150, ST-R9160, ST-9070, ST-9071, ST-9001, ST-9000, ST-5800, ST-R7000, ST-5700, ST-4700, ST-4600, ST-R3000, ST-3500, ST-R2000, ST-2400, ST-R460, ST-R353, ST-R350
Brake Lever: BL-TT79


SLR-EV rim brakes from Shimano feature a symmetrical Dual Pivot design with short brake arms. These reduce friction in the joint area, which ensures better brake response and operation. Two bearings and a roller are used to make the joint area as efficient as possible, and to facilitate the dosage of braking force.

Manufacturer Numbers:

Front: I-BRR8100AF82X
Rear: I-BRR8100AR82A


– 1 x Shimano Ultegra BR-R8100 rim brake (front or rear wheel)
– 1 x 10.5 mm caliper bolt (rear only)
– 1 x 18 mm caliper bolt (front only)
– 1 x 27 mm caliper bolt (front only)
– 1 x pair R55C4 brake pads


  • anthracite/front: 182 g
  • anthracite/rear: 180 g

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Shimano Ultegra BR-R8100 Rim Brake Set Sale

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