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Unived Salt Capsules

Unived Salt Caps Electrolyte Replacement formulated with essential electrolytes.

Each capsule delivers: 214mg sodium, 353mg chloride, 52mg potassium and 79mg magnesium.

100 I.U. Vitamin D3 is also part of the formulation to sustain optimal bone health and immune function during intense endurance activities like ultramarathons, brevets, and triathlons.

Vegan, non-GMO, & Gluten-Free.


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Why Unived Salt Capsules – Electrolyte Replacement

Electrolyte capsules replenish the loss of electrolytes through sweat and urine are inevitable during endurance activities lasting more than 3 hours, especially in Indian weather conditions. For such intense endeavors, like marathons, triathlons and ultras, ordinary sports drinks and water cannot compensate for the extensive electrolyte losses that your system will undergo. As part of your fueling strategy, Unived Salt Capsules effectively replace these losses in a proportional and balanced manner, without shocking your system with an excessive or imbalanced portfolio of electrolytes. Unived Salt Capsules complement your hydration source (water/ sports drink) perfectly in keeping hydration imbalances at bay. With the Unived Salt Capsules, you get a timely replenishment of electrolytes.

With sodium, potassium and magnesium, Unived Salt Capsules put your body on the right foot to fight dehydration, hyponatremia, muscle fatigue, cramps and weakness. Unived Salt tablets are India’s only electrolyte capsules to offer chloride and vitamin D3 along with all the essential electrolytes to ultra-athletes in one formulation. As a key electrolyte, chloride complements sodium to maintain adequate fluid uptake and body-water balance. Vitamin D3 minimizes the risk of injuries by optimizing bone health, and protects the immune system from becoming vulnerable post-exercise.

Unived Salt Capsules ensure that your system is instantaneously compensated for the loss of vital electrolytes, without experiencing spikes and drops in performance levels due to issues like muscle cramping, dehydration, stomach distress, and fatigue. They also shield your body against lasting physiological upheavals caused, by delivering adequate levels of nutrients that support a complete system recovery.

Suggested Use – Unived Salt Capsules

The intake of electrolytes depends a great deal on your sweat rate and the external weather conditions during your endurance activity. However, below is a general guideline to help you customize your electrolyte fueling plan with electrolyte salt capsules:

Light: very little sweat (think working out in an air conditioned gym)
Moderate: decent amount of sweat (think of the amount you sweat during a easy training run)
Heavy: you’re sweating! (during LSD training runs, faster runs, and races)
Most athletes in India fall under the moderate-heavy category.

Pre-training: No specific supplementation is necessary unless you are a heavy sweater. You should maintain adequate hydration on days leading up to your long-training run. If you are training under extremely hot and humid conditions or in general are a heavy sweater, take 1 capsule the night before and take 1 capsule with your pre-run snack. If going on a long run you may also want to consume a pre-run drink before heading out, read more about RRUNN™ Pre.

During training: If your run is less than 2 hours and conditions are favorable, you may not require salt cap supplementation. However, if you are running or cycling longer than about 90 minutes, or shorter but in hot and/or humid conditions, or if you tend to sweat moderate-heavy, you can follow the usage guide above depending on your sweat rate. Remember to also drink about 125ml of hydration mix every 30 minutes so you get your carbohydrates, amino-acids, and water – keeping you hydrated and energized. Read more about our Unived Elite Drink Mix product.

Post-training: Your post workout recovery process is always aided with proper electrolyte supplementation. Keep a simple strategy and ensure you consume 1-2 salt tablets post-workout along with a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein recovery drink, read more about Unived Elite Recovery Mix product.

Pre-race: Follow the general ‘pre-training’ guidelines above. For races in extreme conditions, or if you know for sure you will be running for between 2-5 hours, or more, then take 1-2 capsules the night before. Ensure you consume a pre-run drink before your race, learn more at RRUNN™ Pre.

During-race: Again, judge your sweat rate, the weather conditions, and the estimated duration of your run. To avoid cramps, nausea, and other issues, consume 1-2 capsules every hour of your activity. Remember to hydrate well and chose a good hydration & energy drink.

Post-race: Congratulations, you’re celebrating your new PB! In all this excitement, do not neglect your nutrition. Consume 1-2 capsules post race and ensure you drink a good recovery drink within 30-40 minutes of finishing. Read more about complete scientific recovery at Unived Elite Recovery Mix. Also remember to monitor your urine color for the next 48-72 hours, if it is a dark yellow then take 1-2 capsules a day until you reach a clear or straw yellow shade.

How to Consume Salt Capsules

Consume just enough water needed to swallow the electrolyte capsules (approximately 50 ml). The rest of your hydration should come from your sports drink, in accordance with your fueling plan.

As a general guideline for your electrolyte plan and fueling strategy, we recommend that you determine what your sweat rate is during normal weather conditions. You should also test out your electrolyte plan during training, so you can adapt it to your sweat rate and physiology, and give your system time to acclimate to your overall fueling strategy.

Needless to say, every athlete sweats differently, and reacts uniquely to heat and humidity. You should tailor your intake of Unived Salt Capsules according to your sweat rate and the temperature conditions during your activity. Again, we recommend that you consume the capsules when training in similar conditions, to get the best out of the Unived Salt Capsules.

Please note that the Unived Salt Capsules are not intended to be consumed as your primary source of race fueling or hydration. While the Unived Salt Capsules are excellent for electrolyte, and vitamin D3 replenishment – you still need an adequate intake of water and fueling nutrients like carbohydrates during your activity. Unived Salt Capsules should be a part of an overall fueling strategy, along with water and a suitable sports drink or gel.

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Unived Salt Capsules Supply

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