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Steadfast Nutrition Whey – Unflavoured

Product Description

Steadfast Whey is the best quality whey protein concentrate. It’s a formulation which provides 80% whey protein content for people looking for a genuine whey protein supplement without any flavour, colour, or other food additives. This makes it a raw product, which can be used with water or milk. Specially designed for fitness enthusiasts, each sachet of 25 g provides 20 g of whey protein. 

The unflavoured attribute widens Steadfast Whey’s scope of usage as it can be used or mixed with other dishes to provide you with an extra quantity of protein. You can use it for making cookies and bars or mix it with other healthy options which will support instant recovery after a workout. 

Major characteristics of Steadfast Whey:

a) Whey Protein Concentrate (80%) – 20 g of protein per serving 

b) Low Carbohydrate Content

c) No Added Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives, Thickeners, or Sweeteners 

Why Steadfast Whey?

Steadfast Nutrition’s Whey supplement is easy to digest and gets absorbed quickly by the body, making it a fast-release protein that provides instant recovery to muscles. This instant recovery is a result of the good amino acid profile which promotes faster repair and also initiates new muscle synthesis. This raw protein is low in carbohydrates and fats which makes the formulation an ideal composition for achieving a good lean mass. It contains no added artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, thickeners, or sweeteners.

How does Steadfast Whey work?

During a workout, the body enters into a state of stress where its energy stores are broken down to release energy. This catabolic stress is balanced by a recovery period where whey protein supplement helps to convert this catabolism into anabolism activity. Whey protein supplement promotes recovery from exercise and enhances training and, ultimately, boosts performance. 

Whey protein is the only protein source that carries the highest concentration of all 20 amino acids which are necessary to stimulate protein synthesis and regulate its metabolism. Specifically, Leucine and other essential amino acids firstly initiate the process and then get consumed for the synthesis of new proteins. 

Steadfast Nutrition Whey has the best amino acid profile- which includes all essential amino acids- to support muscle recovery after a workout. 

Who can take Steadfast Whey?

Whey protein, an excellent protein, is chosen by individuals of all age groups who value the role of a healthy diet in helping to maintain and improve their health. Specifically, Whey protein supplement is highly accepted by athletes to improve body composition and enhance their performance. 

Whey protein can be helpful for the following categories of people:

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Whey and Whey components offer several benefits to individuals involved in strength and endurance activities. Whey protein is a rich source of easy-to-digest protein peptides and branched-chain amino acids, that are metabolised directly into muscle tissue during a workout. This depletion of muscle tissue is balanced when a diet full of whey protein is consumed resulting in replenishing the decreased levels and start repairing and rebuilding lean muscle tissue. 

Whey protein with its exemplary amino acid profile helps to repair muscle and serves as a source of energy during endurance exercise which allows athletes to train more intensively for longer periods. 

Due to its fast-release and faster protein synthesis properties, whey protein is more effective than other proteins for repairing exercise-related muscle damage and building bigger, stronger muscles.

Weight watchers

Diet plays a key role in any weight management program and adding whey protein often helps make a positive difference. Whey protein is the best protein for fat loss during energy-restricted diets. Steadfast Whey can be an added component in dietary plans and functional foods aimed at control of appetite and weight management. Whey is a low carbohydrate and low-fat formula which provides maximum benefits of protein content. Steadfast Whey keeps the stomach full for a longer period and imparts a feeling of satiety resulting in low hunger pangs all day. Overall, Whey is an excellent source of EAA, Leucine, which promotes lean muscle tissue and less body fat. Therefore, including Whey can help you manage your weight with a healthy approach.

When should one take Steadfast Whey? 

After a workout: Steadfast Nutrition Whey can be consumed after a good workout session for instant recovery of muscles. The formula offers all the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) including Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that help in stimulating muscle protein synthesis and protect against muscular damage. BCAAs are metabolised directly into muscle tissue during workout to replenish decreased levels as well as rebuilds muscle tissue. These amino acids from Whey provide an energy source during any workout session. 

Instructions for Use: 25 g powder to be reconstituted in 200 ml water.

Recommended Use: Recommended 2 servings daily for adults.

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Steadfast Nutrition Whey - Unflavoured Online Hot Sale

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