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Shimano Ultegra BR-R8110 Direct Mount Rim Brake

The BR-R8110 Rim Brake by Shimano – Direct mount option for Ultegra

The BR-R8110 from Shimano’s Ultegra road bike groupset is a double-joint rim brake for direct mounting, i.e. it has to be mounted directly on the fork or on the seat stays. This improves the bike’s aerodynamics and looks visually cohesive, especially as the brake is pleasing with its slim design. Added to this are the efficient, precision-controlled braking power and the optimal ratio of stiffness and weight. You can ride with BR-R8110 tyres up to 28 mm wide. Both the brake arms and the cartridge brake shoe mounts, which are of course angle-adjustable, are made of lightweight aluminium. Brake pads for aluminium brake flanks are included.


Series: Ultegra R8100
Application: Road, Triathlon & Time Trial
Type: dual pivot side-pull brakes
Attachment: Direct Mount

Technical Information:

Material: aluminium
Surface Finish: anodised
Pads: R55C4
Brake Arm Length: 51 mm
Actuation: brake cable

Approved For:

Tyre Size (max.): 28 mm
Rim Width (max.): 20.8 – 28.0 mm


Shift/Brake Lever: ST-R8150, ST-R8000, ST-R8050, ST-R8060, ST-6870, ST-6871, ST-6800, ST-6770, ST-6700, ST-R9250, ST-R9100, ST-R9150, ST-R9160, ST-9070, ST-9071, ST-9001, ST-9000, ST-5800, ST-R7000, ST-5700, ST-4700, ST-4600, ST-R3000, ST-3500, ST-R2000, ST-2400, ST-R460, ST-R353, ST-R350
Brake Lever: BL-TT79


– aerodynamic advantage thanks to direct mounting
– slim, flat design
– balanced stiffness, weight and braking power
– short brake arms made of aluminium
– cartridge brake shoe mount made of aluminium (lacquered), angle adjustable
tyre protectors
– quick release


Mount: forks
Type: BR-R8110-F
Manufacturer Number: I-BRR8110F82

rear seatstays:
Mount: seatstays
Type: BR-R8110-RS
Manufacturer Number: I-BRR8110RS82


– 1 x Shimano Ultegra BR-R8110 rim brake (front or rear wheel)
– 1 x pair R55C4 brake pads


  • anthracite/front: 180 g
  • anthracite/rear seatstays: 178 g

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      Front, Rear Seatstay

      Shimano Ultegra BR-R8110 Direct Mount Rim Brake Online

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