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Shimano Deore SL-M5100 Shifter

Shimano Deore SL-M5100 Shifter

The Shimano Deore SL-M5100-I Mono shifter is mounted on the left side via the I-Spec-EV mount on a compatible brake lever, opening up new possibilities for cockpit design. It is used to control the front derailleur in set-ups with two chainrings. As its name ” Mono” suggests, it can be shifted up and down with just one single lever. As a Rapidfire-Plus shifter, the SL-M5100-I is characterised by its 2-Way Release function, i.e. it can be operated with the thumb or with the index finger.


Series: Deore M5100
Application: All Mountain, Cross Country
Gearing: 2-speed
Mount: I-Spec EV

Technical Information:

Type: Rapidfire Plus Mono
Body Material: aluminium
Lever Material: composite (GFRP), steel
Cable: steel (Optislick)

Adjustment Options:

– cable adjust
– position adjust
– shift lever rotation adjust


MTB 2×11-speed:
Right Shifter: SL-M5100-IR, SL-M5100-R
Front Derailleur: FD-M9020, FD-M9025, FD-M8020, FD-M8025, FD-M7020-11, FD-M7025-11, FD-M5100
Cranks: FC-M9000-2, FC-M9020-2, FC-M9020-B2, FC-M8000-2, FC-M8000-B2, FC-M7000-2, FC-M7000-B2, FC-M5100-2, FC-M5100-B2, FC-MT700-2, FC-MT700-B2, FC-MT600-2, FC-MT600-B2
Chain: CN-HG901-11, CN-HG701-11, CN-HG601-11, CN-LG500
Brake Lever: I-Spec EV

MTB 2×10-speed:
Right Shifter: SL-M4100-IR, SL-M4100-R
Front Derailleur: FD-M617, FD-M618, FD-M6020, FD-M6025, FD-M4100
Cranks: FC-M627, FC-M627-B, FC-M617, FC-M617-B2, FC-M6000-2, FC-M6000-B2
FC-M4100-2, FC-M4100-B2, FC-MT500-2, FC-MT500-B2
Chain: CN-HG95, CN-HG54
Brake Lever: I-Spec EV


– up and down shifting with a single lever
– I-Spec EV: 14 mm adjustment range
– Optislick inner cable with a minimal galvanic coating for more efficient cable routing and corrosion resistance
– painted housing
– stainless steel clamp bolts


Rapidfire Plus Mono
With the Rapidfire Plus Mono a single lever is enough to shift up and down. It supports double shifting in the front with natural finger positioning and intuitive shifting movements without releasing the firm grip on the handlebars. And the 2-Way Release functionality allows immediate pull and push movements.

With 2-Way-Release, the shifter can be pressed and pulled to shift to the smaller sprocket or chainring. This allows you to adjust the shifting process to your personal preferences. All newer Rapidfire Plus shifters are equipped with the 2-Way Release.

I-Spec EV
I-Spec EV describes a variant of the connection between brake lever and shifter in MTB drivetrains. This type of mount allows the shifter to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically in relation to the brake lever and keeps the cockpit tidy by reducing the number of clamps needed. Compared to I-Spec and I-Spec II, I-Spec EV offers a much wider adjustment range. 14 mm adjustment range the longitudinal direction and up to 60° rotation allow an optimal ergonomic adjustment to your riding style, your sitting position and your anatomy.


Mount: left
Manufacturer Number: E-SLM5100ILB


– 1 x Shimano Deore SL-M5100 shifter
– 1 x Shimano cable (1800 mm)

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    Shimano Deore SL-M5100 Shifter Online

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