Shimano BR-MT200 Brake Caliper w/ B01S Resin Pads Cheap

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Shimano BR-MT200 Brake Caliper w/ B01S Resin Pads

Shimano BR-MT200 brake caliper – a simple, reliable, quiet system

The Shimano BR-MT200 brake caliper is a non-group 2-piston system that can be used on Mountain bikes as well as Touring or City bikes. It impresses with reliable and quiet braking performance, adapted to the requirements of beginners. In addition, One Way Bleeding makes bleeding very easy. The painted aluminium brake caliper can be mounted front and rear and comes with a pair of resin brake pads.


Application: Cross Country, City & Touring
Type: hydraulic, 2 pistons
Actuation: mineral oil
Hose: SM-BH59-JK-SS (not incl.)

Technical Information:

Installation: post mount
Pistons: 2
Pads: B01S resin
Design: 2-piece
Material: aluminium
Hose Connection: straight


– versatile design suitable for a wide range of bike types
– braking power adapted to MTB beginners
– reliable, quieter braking performance
– easy, fast and clean installation
– reduced rattling noises of the brake hoses
– resin pistons
– can be mounted front and rear
– IS mount with adapter possible
– recommended brake lever: BL-MT200, BL-MT201
– recommended brake rotor: SM-RT10SM-RT26
– painted
– steel bolts (5 mm)


One-Way Bleeding is designed to quickly and easily prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. Shimano has optimised the brake fluid flow path throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from being trapped in the system.
One way oil routing plus a funnel tool with mineral oil provides an easy and clean bleeding system.

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– 1 x Shimano BR-MT200 brake calliper
– 1 x pair Shimano B01S brake pads with spring and splint pin
– 2 x caliper bolts
– 1 x snap ring

Shimano BR-MT200 Brake Caliper w/ B01S Resin Pads Cheap